Pacific Sunset Hike

Discover the old Jesuit village on a history walk trough the city and it’s main buildings with a certified tour guide as the voice of the streets; the perfect way to learn about this Pueblo Magico and its synergy between the Spanish and native inheritage.

Crowning our excursion with a 4 miles loop hike, moderate effort at the outskirts of the town to enjoy the incredible sunset view of the pacific cliffs.

A great excursion to visit Todos Santos hidden spots, easily missed by regular travelers.

RUTA Pericu

Explore Los Cabos outback in the National Reserve Sierra de la Laguna, resposible for almost the 70 per cent of clear water in los Cabos.

Inmerse in the semitropical desert on a historical – nature pilgrimage to the roots of los Cabos native nomadic tribe; the Pericu.

Only when we understand, we get to care!.

Visit a local ranch and meet the Ranchero Californio; now considered the native of the baja peninsula after the extintion of the Pericu culture.

Enjoy a coffe tasting of the traditional Talega coffe and missionary bread, both tradicional reicipes of the Rancho culture in baja.

Discover the wonders of the reserve with our hike, starting at the skirts of the mountain range along the canyon ( 3miles) on a loop hike on easy irregular terrain.

Ending up with the chance of soaking up in one of its many water springs before heading back to your resort.

Customized expeditions available upon request; let us plan your adventure with your own preferences, requests and budget by sending an email to dharmaexpeditions@gmail.com

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